Andrei Zisu

Working hard to make those bits work

  • Doing Platform Software Engineering for Autonomous Driving at MBition.
  • Studied Computer Systems and Software Engineering at University of York.
  • Interested in space, intelligent transportation, embedded systems, neural networks, European and Romanian politics and economics, science, philosophy.
  • Articles I recommend are up on pocket.
  • My reading interests are up on goodreads.
  • Once took a photo with Nigel Farage.
  • I keep around a collection of interesting links, which I might reference people to in the future.

Fun projects

  • Writing an email client for the Linux desktop.
  • Built a digital guitar effects processor and amplifier, which you can find here.
  • Built my own CPU architecture, which you can see on youtube and read more about here.
  • Volunteered for elementary OS, you can see of my old contributions on launchpad the rest are on github.
  • Wrote a small tool which reads an arbitrary string and generates a hash color.
  • Wrote a tiny Arduino program to drive some rainbow Christmas lights.

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